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The Mind is the Builder, So Keep Building Your Spiritual Temple and Edifice Back to God?The Instruction Manual

Posted by Cynthia Johnson on June 13, 2012 at 10:10 AM

By Joshua Stone 

My Beloved Readers, as the Universal Mind said through Edgar Cayce, “Mind is the Builder!” Sometimes in life it seems like one is not Spiritually growing, for it seems things work slowly.

However, the key to success in building your Spiritual temple, or New Jerusalem, or climbing your personal Mount Everest or climbing your next Spiritual mountain or climbing the Spiritual ladder, is to make steady progress each day! Each day may not seem like that much is getting done.

However, if this is done over weeks and months and years it really begins to add up! Every thought you think, every feeling you create, every word you say, every deed you do, is building this structure. It is built into your Aura, your causal body, your Chakras, your Light Quotient, your Lightbodies, your consciousness, your service work, your Spiritual Earthly legacy. Be not concerned with perfection; be concerned with any Spiritual progress and learning from any mistakes that are made. It is like a contractor who is building a building or seven-story house! Each day another aspect of the building is built. That is very much how it is in your Spiritual life.

Everything you study, every book you read, every meditation, every Spiritual practice, every journal writing session, every affirmation, positive thought, channeling, piece of service work, insight, relationship encounter, meal, dream, the passing of every Spiritual test and lesson adds another piece to the foundation and to the house. Over 20 or 30 years you will build a fitting church unto the Lord, or a lower-self abyss!

The most important thing is to be focused, dedicated, persevering, relentless and unceasing in your efforts to grow to your highest potential. It is no easy task making it to the top! The higher you go the more that is expected of you. Then one day you will break through to the top, and the Fruits of the Spirit will be given unto thee! You will see a Crown of Life instead of a crown of thorns! Your Father/Mother who art in Heaven will say, “This is my Son or Daughter with whom I am well pleased!”

Life is a battlefield! Life is a Spiritual war! Life is a battle of Armageddon! Life is a Jihad or Holy War! Life is a marathon run! In this world there is a great deal to overcome. Even the theme of our universe is courage. In truth, all who make it have to fight their way to the top. If you love God/dess like a drowning man wants air and make this your only focus to your highest potential, it will be easier. The most difficult path is the conflicted path. This is why the Master Sananda/Jesus said, “I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” There are many things we must give up if we are going to put our Creator before creation. Only a handful of Souls each life wave make it. Be one of those handfuls. The Universal Mind through Edgar Cayce said, “Righteousness in the eyes of God is trying.” God/dess is not looking for perfection; S/He is looking for right effort. Seek and ye shall find! Knock and the door shall be opened! Amen!

My Beloved Friends, after channeling and writing this chapter I asked Spirit and the Masters what they thought of the finished product! The Universal Mind stepped forward and most kindly and graciously told me S/He really liked the chapter and lesson a lot! S/He then suggested that I might consider adding one insight. So this is what the Universal Mind had to say in terms of one final thought to properly close this chapter! I loved His/Her insight and idea so I wanted to share this with all of you!

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