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Cynthia Johnson
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My brother recently divorced and very quickly things got out of hand. Long story short, his ex wife was screaming for love (thanks, the video helped me to fully get that) through her words and actions.

I must admit to allowing myself to be caught up and I responded once with a less than loving voicemail. I was very quickly able to realize that I was outside of my truth and get back on track. I have been prone to kinda kick myself for allowing this type of response to come out, wondering if it meant I wasn't truly making any advances in my thinking. What the study of Oneness/conflict has shown me is these events are sacred and must be allowed to come up to be cleared in this glorious journey of life.

Thank you, so looking forward to where we will be guided to study next. Be on the lookout for "butaflywings" in the website. Wow!  One more thing -- the show on religion blew me away, very powerful, very true. I have had very similar experiences with that. Also felt heart open when you gave thanks for us being here, I sent that energy right back at ya x10!! Many thanks and love! Gloria

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