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Cynthia Johnson
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We began our book study of Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power today.  I knew this was a powerful book, but I didn't realize how intense it is until I shared it with you this morning.  

Gary Zukav has challenged us to not only accept that we, as human beings, have evolved in our awareness of the nonphysical world; but to also choose to work with nonphysical reality moment by moment.  And he refers to this process as Process B, where we are multidimensional beings having a human experience.  

Tomorrow, we will explore how this new reality impacts our relationships.  What are some of your thoughts on today's lesson?


Love & Light,

Cynthia Johnson

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I want to share my experience so far with this powerful book and teaching. The one thing that I know still makes its way into my awareness is self doubt. I listen to these powerfully aware and awakened teachers like Dr reggie and Cynthia, Bill Bowers, Abraham and others and there's always that little voice that says I'm just not as enlightened as they are and therefore not as worthy to receive on that level. As we studied the first few chapters of the book and seeing what this new multisensory human looks like and making the connection by seeing myself in this now time experiencing so many of the exact same things the book describes a multisensory being. I sat back for the first and truly got that the great teachers I mentioned are all holding up their bright lights not to in any way diminish my light but to mirror the just as bright light within me! I own that light and it is shining perfectly! When I read that we are looking more closely to what is behind the eyes than what's in front of them I knew the "we" undoubtedly included me and was not just an abstract possibility. How cool is that? I'm in the chat room daily, stop by to say Hi! ALL BLESSINGS
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