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In Chapter 2 we learn the difference between living by our five senses and living as a multisensory human.. The author introduces three Universal Laws that govern our experiences. We have discussed these Laws extensively in our previous book studies, therefore I have outlined them briefly here:

 (1) The Universal Law of Creation which states that we create our experiences with our choices.

 Five sensory humans believe that actions create consequences. Multisensory humans know that the intention behind the action creates the consequences of the action. Intention is defined as "a quality of consciousness." It is the reason for action, the motivation for acting. Intention can have a positive and constructive effect or a negative and destructive effect.

(2) The Universal Law of Cause and Effect - that every cause produces an effect and every effect has a cause.

 The physical law (five sensory) states that every cause produces an effect and every effect has a cause. This enables the conscious creation of physical consequences, such as a lunar landing. Multisensory humans see the role of nonphysical causes (intentions) as well as physical causes (action) in the creative process.

When you are aware of your intention (cause), you can predict the consequences that it will create (effect).

 (3) The Universal Law of Attraction - energy attracts like energy.

Five sensory humans believe that their world determines their beliefs. Multisensory individuals know that it validates their beliefs. Five-sensory individuals think, "I will believe it when I see it." Multisensory individuals know, "I will see it when I believe it." WOW!

Key Comparisons of Five Sensory and Multisensoy Humans

  • Intuition replaces the intellect as the primary decision making faculty for multisensory humans. It becomes central to the experience of multisensory humans. Intuition connects us to the nonphysical world, and is the source of compassion and wisdom beyond what we can give to one another.  Five sensory humans view intuition as nonsense.
  • The physical world is the entirety of existence to five-sensory humans.  Multisensory humans see the domain of the five senses -- from galaxies to subatomic particles -- as part of non-physical reality.  Perceptions of the five senses do not disappear for multisensory humans. They take on new meaning.
  • Multisensory human see their lives as a continual flow of gifts from the Universe -- gifts of relevant symbolism and potential for spiritual growth.  Five-sensory individuals think their lives have no purpose except what they ascribe to them or what others have told them.
  • Five-sensory humans see a human birth as a physical event.  Multisensory humans see it as a dramatic act of spiritual responsibility, the voluntary incarnation of an immortal soul.

Contemplate and Share Your Thoughts

  • Give an example of an intention and the consequences of that intention.
  • Give an example of five-sensory beliefs and compare it to multisensory beliefs.
  • Define intuition and how you have experienced intuition in your life.



Love & Light,

Cynthia Johnson

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