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About Dr. Reggie & Cynthia

Dr. Reggie has been called the 21St Century Prophet for his unique ability to blend today's life challenges with spiritual wisdom of the ages. His gift was apparent even at the tender age of four. He is an author, speaker and the former Spiritual Leader of Unity Church of the Mountains In Blairsville, GA.  It is his passion to awaken people to the reality of the Christ Consciousness within each of us that brought Dr. Reggie and Cynthia together.  

God has given us the power to overcome anything once we realize that the Kingdom of Heaven is within.

Dr. Reggie challenged Cynthia to grow spiritually:

I never met anyone who truly lived by faith.  It was remarkable to see him navigate through life with such ease, and I wanted to be able to do the same. Dr. Reggie is not only my husband, but my spiritual mentor; and after 23 years of marriage, I continue to grow spiritually under his loving guidance.

Together, this spiritual team has committed their lives to helping others awaken to the Divinity that resides within each of us. In 2006 they produced WOWFEST (The Walk On Water Empowerment and Enlightenment Festival) which featured Dr. Masaru Emoto and Dick Sutphen. The event also featured Speed Life Coaching in which over 40 life coaches provided guidance to hundreds of people in all areas of their life.  Dr. Reggie and Cynthia expanded the WOWFEST to WOW Radio, an internet radio show dedicated to wisdom teachings and intuitive counseling.   

Cynthia was laid off work in 2009; and in June 2010 Dr. Reggie was hospitalized and subsequently placed on dialysis. Facing mounting bills, limited income and pending foreclosure they relied on the only thing they knew they could depend on -- their faith in God.  Cynthia says: 

I began to understand what my husband always knew:  GOD is our SOURCE.  
We would eat breakfast, share a cup of coffee or two, and have the most 
wonderful spiritual discussions and meditations.  For several months we 
studied spiritual economics, and experienced dramatic breakthroughs!  
Despite all of the challenges we were facing, I realized we remained calm and 
at peace.  
Suddenly, friends facing similar challenges began to call us seeking advice 
on how to maneuver through their life challenges.  We offered them the 
one thing we knew would work: an understanding of the spiritual principles 
of prosperity.  We invited them to join our  morning devotion so they could 
build their faith. 

And that's how Circles of Prosperity was born.  A simple conference call with a few friends, all eager and committed to learn the true spiritual principles of prosperity.  

Today, Dr. Reggie and Cynthia reach people all over the world with Circles of Prosperity Morning Devotion radio broadcast teaching the spiritual principles of true prosperity. 


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